Benefits of FHA Loans

FHA loans offer an advantage to first time home buyers that commercial banks in New Jersey cannot. Most commercial banks require a minimum 10% down payment. On a $300,000 house that would translate into a $30,000 down payment. However, FHA loans allow for a 3.5% down payment which would translate into only $10,500 on a purchase of $300,000. Due to this lowered percentage, people are able to save more money on their down payment. This low down payment, and relaxed credit requirements, make FHA Loans a great option for first time home buyers.

Benefits of FHA Loans::

  • Credit requirements are less stringent than conventional loans
  • 100% of the money for a purchase can come from a gift for an FHA loan
  • Closing costs may be gifted as well
  • 6% of the closing costs can come from a seller contribution allowing greater flexiblity to structure a purchase transaction
  • Use of alternative credit is allowed to complement a credit history that may be bruised
  • FHA loans are available up to $729,000
  • Condominium financing is available with only 3.5% down

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